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How to test the indoor air quality of your home for mold and/or allergies yourself while savings hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process.
How to test your home without having to take time off from work or spend hours trying to learn the correct way to do it.
The #1 mistake people make using DIY "Do-it-yourself" home testing kits.
From Keith Harris
Dear Friend,

Hey, my name is Keith Harris, and I have been involved in the Indoor Air Quality world for over 20yrs.. Wow saying that, sure makes me feel a bit old… Like where has the time gone??.. Anyway, enough about that, because today I want to share with you something that really took me by surprise when I was first introduced to it..

So, I put together a short Presentation on how this Little machine can help the masses with Indoor Air Quality and save people $100’s of Dollars in the process.

But, before we get started, I wanted to give you a little backstory about how this system was created…

This is NOT something that was just put together one day and hoped that it worked. My Close Friend Fred Rodriguez who is the inventor of this, came up with this unit about 7-8 years ago..

This is what happened….

After being in the Remediation field for 20 years, Fred saw a lot of what I have seen in this Industry.. The need for a way to professionally test the indoor air quality of a home without having to call out a professional consultant every time.. 
So why am I doing this…..

I like Fred, share the same thoughts when it comes to indoor air quality… Not every situation needs a consultant.. Don’t get me wrong, Consultants are great to have (If they are good) .. But what about the individual that might be smelling something odd within their home? Or their kids keep getting sick? Or.. They can’t get rid of their allergies and want to know if something could be triggering them inside their own home? Look, there are multiple reasons why someone would want or should test the air quality within their home, but I get it.. It can be Expensive..

Here Is the good news….

After reviewing this Sampling Pump for Months, and using it in real world situations… I wanted to fully back Fred’s Genius Idea… I think we have put together something really special for all you DIY’ers (Do it yourself) people out there.. 

Finally, you don’t have to pay big bucks to get your home tested or schedule an appointment.. Not only that, But I have created a step-by-step video walking you though the process from beginning to end… It’s kinda like me holding your hand…. Not only that, we have also agreed to reduce the lab fees and include Free Shipping (To You)….How cool is that??? So, check out the video above or just click (I NEED THIS KIT)… It’s that simple…

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